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Pennink, Butler, Wesson, Narducci, Robinson, & Korner Score September 9 First Responders Appreciation Night Feature Wins

Posted on  by Scott Running

(Stafford Springs, CT)— Stafford Speedway returned to NASCAR Whelen All-American Series racing action with a First Responders Appreciation Night that recognized Fire, Police, EMS, and all First Responder personnel. Taking down weekly feature wins on the night were Rowan Pennink in the SK Modified® feature, Tom Butler in the Late Model feature, Daniel Wesson in the SK Light feature, Bryan Narducci in the Limited Late Model Feature, Zack Robinson in the DARE Stock feature, and Noah Korner in the Legend Cars feature.

09-09-16-vlskIn the 40-lap SK Modified® feature event, Michael Gervais, Jr. took the lead at the green with Stephen Kopcik in second. Woody Pitkat and Cam McDermott were side by side for third with Todd Owen and Matt Galko side by side for fifth place.

Pitkat was on the charge as he took second from Kopcik on lap-7 and then a multi car crash occurred in turn 2 involving Nick Salva, Jeff Baral, Ted Christopher, and Mike Christopher, Jr. to bring the caution out.

Gervais took the lead back under green with Kopcik, Pitkat, McDErmott, and Owen behind him. Eric Berndt dropped off the pace on lap-11 and he immediately came to pit road. Rowan Pennink took fifth from Owen on lap-14 while Keith Rocco was starting to charge as he took seventh place from Ronnie Williams on lap-15 and he was looking to take sixth from Owen on lap-17. Pennink was also continuing to march to the front as he moved into fourth and was all over Pitkat’s back bumper for third. Pennink took third from Pitkat on lap-20 and he moved by Kopcik to take second place on lap-22. Tommy Membrino, Jr. spun on the backstretch to bring the caution out with 24 laps complete.

It took Pennink only one lap after the restart to overtake Gervais for the race lead. Kopcik was also able to get around Gervais to move into second before Nick Salva’s car appeared to lose an engine as a flash flame poured from the engine compartment on the backstretch to bring the caution out with 29 laps complete.

Pennink took the lead on the restart with Gervais and Kopcik side by side for second. Pitkat and Rocco were side by side for fourth with Williams and Owen side by side for sixth. Kopcik took second with Pitkat and Kopcik now side by side for third when Tom Bolles spun in turn 4 to bring the caution back out with 32 laps compelte.

Pennink took the lead with Gervais in second. Gervais got sideways in turn 4, which allowed Pitkat to move into second with Owen in fourth and Rocco fifth behind Gervias. Gervias’ bobble also allowed Pennink to pull away from second as Gervais was now side by side with Pitkat with 4 laps to go. Gervais took second with Rocco moving into third as Pitkat fell back to fourth.

Pennink took down his sixth win of the season with Gervais, Rocco, Pitkat, and Owen rounding out the top-5.

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09-09-16-vllmIn the 30-lap Late Model feature event, it was a mad scramble when the green flag came out as Joel Monahan stuck his nose in a 3-wide bid for the lead with Tom Butler coming out of turn 2 with the lead. Monahan was second with Josh Wood slicing his way through traffic to take third. Glen Reen was fourth in line with Tom Fearn quickly working his way into fifth.

At the halfway point Butler was still in command with Monahan, Wood, Reen, and Fearn lined up behind him. With 10 laps to go, the top-4 of Butler, Monahan, Wood, and Reen were lined up in a 4-car train with Fear leading a second train of cars consisting of himself, Michael Wray, and Wayne Coury, Jr.

The top-4 were still in line with 5 laps to go but behind them the action was wild as Coury first got by both Fearn and Wray to move into fifth before Wray went into fifth with Coury sixth and Fearn in seventh. Fearn got by Coury to move into sixth on lap-28 while Butler was still leading Monahan, Wood, and Reen.

Reen got around Wood for third on the final lap but Monahan couldn’t catch Butler as Butler won his first race of the season. Wood finished fourth with Wray rounding out the top-5.

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09-09-16-vlsklIn the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature event, Ted Cain took the early lead with Wesley Prucker and Jay Goff right behind him. Daniel Wesson was fourth with Tony Membrino, Jr. in fifth when the caution came out with 1 lap complete as Joey Ferrigno spun in turn 2 and collected the cars of David Arute and Vinny Anglace.

Cain took the lead on the restart but Prucker quickly went around to take over the lead with Wesson following him by as Cain fell back to third in the running order. Goff was fourth with Membrino applying heavy pressure from fifth place. Membrino was on the charge as he moved up to third by lap-10 with Prucker still leading Wesson. Joe Graf, Jr. was fourth with Cain in fifth place.

With 5 laps to go, the top-4 of Wesson, Prucker, Membrino and Graf were in a 4 car train fighting for the lead. Wesson was able to fend off several heavy challenges from Prucker to take his fourth win of the 2016 season. Prucker finished second with Membrino, Graf, and Cain rounding out the top-5.

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09-09-16-vlllmIn the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature event, Matt Clement took the early lead with Jeremy Lavoie and Bryan Narducci behind him. The caution came out with 5 laps complete for a spin in turn 1 by David Tefft and Doug Phelps.

Back under green Clement took the lead with Narducci getting right on his bumper as he and Lavoie were side by side for second. Narducci took second on lap-7 and both Cliff Saunders and Al Saunders got past as Lavoie fell back to fifth. Duane Provost got around Lavoie for fifth on lap-8 while Cliff Saunders briefly took second from Narducci on lap-9 before Narducci came back strong and retook the spot. Cliff and Al Saunders were now side by side for third as Clement was still out front at the halfway point of the race.

Narducci made a strong move in turn 2 to get by Clement and take over the race lead. The order began to shuffle on lap-15 as Al Saunders moved into second with Provost and Cliff Saunders following him through as Clement fell back to fifth. The caution came out with 15 laps complete for a spin in turn 1 by R.J. Surdell.

Narducci streaked into the lead on the restart and immediately pulled away from Provost, who had moved up to second. Al Saunders was third with Cliff Saunders fourth and Lavoie was fifth. With 2 laps to go, Al Saunders got around Provost to move up to second in turn 1 while Narducci was still pulling away. Narducci led the field to the checkered flag for his second win of the 2016 season. Al Saunders finished second with Provost, Cliff Saunders, and Lavoie rounding out the top-5.

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09-09-16-vldsIn the 15-lap DARE Stock feature event, Zack Robinson took the lead at the green with Dan Dembek and Johnny Walker side by side for second. Michael Hopkins was fourth with Alexandra Fearn working the high line against Trace Beyer in a fight for fifth. Robinson was starting to pull away from the Dembek/Walker combination as they were still side by side for four laps before Dembek took second with Walker behind him in third. Hopkins was still fourth and Alexandra Fearn was still dueling with Beyer for fifth.

Robinson was still out front with 4 laps to go with Dembek, Walker, and Hopkins lined up behind him. Tyler Trott was now fifth with Alexandra Fearn sixth, Brandon Michael seventh, and Beyer in eighth. Beyer did a half spin in turn 1 on the final lap but it was all Robinson as he took down his second feature win of the 2016 season. Dembek finished second with Walker, Hopkins, and Trott rounding out the top-5.

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09-09-16-vllegendIn the 20-lap Legend Cars feature, Noah Korner streaked into the lead at the drop of the green with Teddy Hodgdon following him through. Glenn Korner settled into third with Steve Chapman and Andrew Quealy behind him.

Hodgdon got a good run coming out of turn 4 on lap-4 and he took the lead from Korner at the line by a nose as they completed lap-5. Hodgdon got clear of Korner on lap-6 as Champan was applying heavy pressure to Glenn Korner for third place.

Noah Korner went back into the lead with a pass in turn 4 on lap-10 and Hodgdon fell back several car lengths in second. Korner stretched out his lead over Hodgdon even further as they lapped Quealy. Noah Korner led Hodgdon to the checkered flag for his fifth win of the 2016 season. Chapman finished third with Glenn Korner and Quealy rounding out the top-5.

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