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Make it Win #3 for Sanchez


Lebanon Valley Speedway opened its gates once again, for another amazing mid-summer dirt slinging big block modified show for all the fans to enjoy.  Known as the Jett, Brett Hearn battled his way to score the win in Big Block Modifieds, while John Virgilio scores the in Budget Sportsman.  Check Towslee held on for a long awaited win in the Pro Stocks.

The mighty high banks at Lebanon Valley Speedway are legendary for its racing and high speeds.  But its also known for tight points battles in the big block divisions.  Just past halfway in the season, the points battle in all divisions is shaping up to be a true shoot out to the end.

The marquee division, known as the Big Block Modifieds took to the Valley of Speed for their 30 lap feature event.  At the front early was veteran racer Mike King aboard his familiar 55K.  While the King Fish, as he is known, had firm control of the head of the field, back in the pack, all point contenders were making their way to the front of the pack.

Current point leader J.R. Heffner was working his way through traffic along with Donnie Corellis, Brett Hearn, and Kenny Tremont Jr.  The battles among these drivers as the laps clicked away kept getting stronger and stronger.

But the Jett, Brett Hearn emerged from those battles and cracked the top 3 by lap 22, then challenged King for the lead.  And with just 3 short laps left, Hearn got around King, and sailed away for the win.

At the checkers, Hearn took the victory over King.  Guy Sheldon finished 3rd followed by Kyle Armstrong and Eddie Marshall to complete the top 5 finishers.

In the Budget Sportsman 20 Lap feature event, John Virgilio took early control of the caution marred race.  A continuous green flag, yellow flag merry-go-round kept the field at bay for the firtst half of the event.

Finally, by the halfway point, the field got strung out and racing was on.  But Virgilio had a strong hold on the top spot, and kept that control, for all 20 laps, taking the victory.  Ray Hall Jr finished 2nd followed by Peter Carlotto, Cody Hunt and Jeff Watson to round out the top 5.

In the Pro Stock full fendered 20 lap feature, the 23 of Check Towslee powered his way out front early, and never looked back to take his 1st victory in over 2 years.  Victor Hopkins tried for the win, but had to settle for 2nd.  Nick Hilt, Rob Yetman and Frank Twing complete the top 5 finishers.

Earlier on the night, the Purestocks took to the mighty high banks for their feature events.  In Purestock 1, Hunter Sanchez took the win, while in Purestock 2, Dan Cote was awarded the win after the leader was DQ’d for rough driving.  And in Purestock 3, Jeff Meltz Sr took the 12 lap victory.

Now, on Sunday July 20th, it’s the return of the World of Outlaws Winged Sprint Car Series to the Valley of Speed!  Celebrating the King, Steve Kinser, the Salute to the King tour comes to Lebanon Valley presented by Milton Cat and VP Race Fuels. Small Block Modifieds will also be on tap for a special feature event.

Then on Saturday July 26th, its Sheldon Oil and Jim Rajczi Autobody Night, with a special $3,000 to win Modified feature event with all weekly divisions.

NBT Bank Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1)Brett Hearn, 2)Mike King, 3)Guy Sheldon, 4)Kyle Armstrong, 5)Eddie Marshall, 6)J.R. Heffner, 7)Kolby Schroder, 8)Donnie Corellis, 9)Brian Berger, 10)Rob Pitcher, 11)Kyle Sheldon, 12)Keith Flach, 13)Kyle Hoffman, 14)Matt Pupello, 15)Denny Soltis, 16)Paul Gilardi, 17)Kenny Tremont Jr, 18)Andy Bachetti, 19)Brian Whittemore(SB), 20)Alan Hotaling (SB), 21)Frank Hoard 3rd(SB), 22)Brian Peterson(SB), 23)DJ Faulkner(SB), 25)Jason Harrington (SB)

Heavy Hauler Budget Sportsman Feature (20 Laps): 1)John Virgilio, 2)Ray Hall Jr., 3)Peter Carlotto, 4)Cody Hunt, 5)Jeff Watson, 6)Matt Pappa, 7)Michael Sabia, 8)Timothy Davis 2nd, 9)John Miller, 10)Jim Boardman, 11)Robbie Speed, 12)Mike Dutka, 13)Whitey Slavin, 14)Ricky Davis, 15)Chris Curtis, 16)Pat Jones, 17)Diana Huyck, 18)Bobby Knipe, 19)Nikki Ouellette, 20)Olden Dwyer, 21)John Stowell, 22)Zach Daurio, 23)Alan Houghtaling, 24)Anthony Alger, 25)Alissa Cody, 26)Cody Ochs, 27)Rob Maxon, 28)Chris Lynch, 29)Todd Lane, 30)Mike Gramolini, 31)Phil Wood, DNS)Gerry Green, DNS)Bill Pelton

Pro Stock Feature (20 Laps): 1)Chuck Towslee, 2)Victor, Hopkins, 3)Nick Hilt, 4)Rob Yetman, 5)Frank Twing, 6)Paul LaRochelle, 7)Jon Routhier, 8)Robbie Speed, 9)Chad Asenault, 10)Rick Duzlak, 11)Brian Walsh, 12)Chris Lunn, 13)Jay Corbin, 14)Richard Spencer, 15)Jeff Kelmel, 16)Hugh Page, 17)Tony DeRose, 18)Daniel Sanchez, 19)Chris Claus

Purestock 1 Feature (8 Laps): 1)Hunter Sanchez, 2)Dave Stickles, 3)Tim Thompson, 4)Joe Walcott, 5)Zachery Seyerlein, 6)Dennis O'Connor Jr, 7)Martina Martin, 8)Shawn Johannessen, 9)Dylan Fachini, 10)Harold Robitaille, DNS)Michael Sanchez

Purestock 2 Feature (8 Laps): 1)Dan Cote, 2)Shawn Perez, 3)Bill Deak Jr, 4)Doug Olds, 5)Dave Fachini, 6)Joe Cheneil, 7)Jay Martin, 8)Terry McNamara, 9)Wuggie Burdick, 10)Scott Kilmer, 11)Jesse  Murphy, 12)Chris Streeter, DNS)Joe, Laundry

Purestock 3 Feature (12 Laps): 1)Jeff Meltz Sr., 2)Ed Hatch , 3)Ray Hall Sr, 4)Mike Eichstedt, 5)Jason Meltz, 6)Steven LaRochelle, 7)Al Relyea, 8)Jeff Kreutzinger, 9)Bob Palmer,  10)Gary O'Brien, 11)Bob Brown, 12)Jeff Meltz, 13)Lou Ganczar, 14)Scott Morris, 15)Clifford Booth, 16)John Felarecki


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