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Wayne Coury, Jr Takes Checkers in Outlaw Sportsman Feature at World Series

BFR Chassis Take Top 3 Positions

Nine Different Winners In Saturday World Series Action At Thompson



Thompson, Conn: Thompson Speedway’s World Series of Auto Racing kicked off with a full racing card of 10 feature events Saturday evening after Bobby Santos posted the fastest time in NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour qualifying. Keith Rocco picked up the win in the Valenti Modified Racing Series 75-lapper while NASCAR Whelen All American Series victories went to Adam Norton, Corey Hutchings, Rick Gentes, and Mike Viens. Duane Noll earned the New England Truck Series win while Dan Meservey picked up a win in the Pro 4 Modified Series. Outlaw wins went to George Rego, Mike Viens and Wayne Coury, Jr.

Keith Rocco ran a dominant race in the Valenti Modified Racing Series and was followed to victory lane by 2013 series champion Rowan Pennink. Many tried, but no one could knock Rocco from the point and he led wire-to-wire in the caution-filled race.

Rocco took the early lead with Richard Savary and Todd Owen in tow before caution flew at lap seven. Rocco held on to the lead through two restarts as Ted Christopher made his way up to the second spot for the third restart on lap eight. Christopher was all over Rocco when racing resumed, but Rocco held strong. Anthony Nocella, Richard Savary, and Dan Meservey rounded out the top-five as the field strung out single file around the 5/8th’s mile oval.

Rocco and Christopher set a torrid pace and pulled away from the rest of the field by half a straightaway as they maneuvered through lapped traffic. Tommy Barrett, Jr. made his way into third before the caution flew at lap 49 and tightened up the field. Rocco led the field into turn one with Christopher all over his bumper. Danny Cates maneuvered by Barrett for third and closed in on Christopher’s bumper. The front trio – Rocco, Christopher and Cates – ran nose-to-tail before Cates dropped to the bottom groove on lap 54 to challenge Christopher. Cates got up alongside Christopher before caution came out and put him back in line in third.

Rocco and Christopher drove into turn one side-by-side on the lap 54 restart, but Rocco never relinquished the lead. Savary got by Cates for third. On lap 59, Christopher went high in turn two and dropped back several positions, however, a caution flew and he gained his spot back on the front row for the restart.

Rocco had the lead into turn one on the restart, but Christopher used the high groove to drive by for the first lead change of the night. Rocco retaliated and drove back by him to reclaim the top spot as Cates got by Christopher for second. Steve Masse backed his machine into the turn two wall to bring out the caution at lap 62 with Barrett on the front row with Rocco.

Rocco held strong on the restart and drove out to a five-car length advantage that Barrett closed up by lap 66. Christopher and Rowan Pennink were close behind. On lap 72, Pennink got by Christopher for the third spot as he set his sights on Barrett, which he got by for second. Pennink hoped to catch Rocco, but time ran out and Rocco cruised to the checkers.

Adam Norton picked up the victory in the caution plagued Lite Modified feature after taking the lead at lap 16 and holding on through several restarts.

            Glenn Griswold took the early lead with John Studley attaching himself to Griswold’s back bumper by the third circuit. On lap five, Studley dropped to the bottom and got alongside Griswold before driving out to the lead heading into turn three. Norton tried to follow his line, but Griswold held strong in second until the caution came out at lap six.

            Studley took the lead on the restart only to lose it to Norton, however, caution reverted the field back and Studley was out front once again for the restart. Studley held on to the lead at the drop of the green with Norton less than a carlength behind, and the two pulled away by two seconds over the rest of the field. Caution flew for a spun car in turn four at lap 16. A five-car wreck unfolded in turns one and two on the restart further delaying green flag action. Two more restarts ensued without a lap being completed.

            Norton took over the lead after Studley received a penalty and was sent to the rear. On the restart, Norton drove to the front with Griswold close behind. Norton was able to pull away by a five-car length advantage before caution reappeared two laps before the race conclusion.

Norton took the field back to green in a single file restart with Studley headed to the rear-bumper of Norton before the lap was complete. Norton held off the fast approaching Studley to take down the win.

Corey Hutchings took the lead from Bill McNeil following a late-race restart in the Limited Sportsman feature event, and held on for the checkered flag after a hard-fought battle that saw the duo swap the lead several times.

Al Stone, III led early in the race, but it was all Travis Jurcik at the conclusion of the first circuit. Scott Sundeen moved into third, and used the bottom groove at lap five to challenge for the second spot before taking over the position heading into turn one of lap six. Sundeen closed in on Jurcik, and after clearing a lapped car, dropped to the bottom to make a challenge. On lap eight, the duo was side-by-side when Sundeen got sideways and dropped back into second. Bill McNeil moved into third place and the top three pulled away from the rest of the field before a caution slowed the pace at lap 12. Jurcik didn’t hesitate to get back out front. Sundeen, however, dropped to the bottom coming out of turn two to get a solid run on Jurcik along the backstretch. The two were dead even, but Sundeen had a slight advantage at the line and took over the lead. The battle continued on the next circuit, but in turn four, contact was made and Jurcik spun to the infield grass before caution flew.

 Sundeen chose the inside lane for the restart with Bill McNeil on the outside. The field stacked up on the restart with several cars taking damage – including Sundeen - before the caution flew. McNeil assumed the lead for the restart, and led into turn one, but it was Corey Hutchings on the bottom challenging for the lead before caution flew once again. On the drop of the green, McNeil held off the challenges of Hutchings, but Hutchings continued to challenge. On lap 17, Hutchings dropped to the bottom with McNeil hanging to the outside. McNeil led by a slight advantage at the line with Hutchings driving back out front by a nose on the following circuit. The final lap was just as intense with Hutchings settling into the lead comfortably ahead of McNeil to take the checkered flag.

Rick Gentes held off Tom Carey in an exciting conclusion to the Late Model feature that took two attempts at a green-white-checker finish. Gentes led the field into turn one at the beginning of the race before putting a couple of carlengths between him and the rest of the field. Dillon Moltz took the second spot but not without pressure from Ray Parent, who took over the spot by lap 15. Tom Carey held on for third. Gentes continued to pull way from the rest of the field as they battled for position behind him. The frontrunners approached lapped traffic by the 17th circuit, which Gentes maneuvered through with ease. It appeared nothing was going to stop Gentes’ momentum until caution slowed the pace at lap 23 to tighten the field up for a two-lap dash to the checkers. Gentes chose the inside lane for the restart and charged to the front heading into turn one. Gentes drove high to get in front of Ray Parent allowing Carey to make a move on the bottom. The duo went side-by-side with Carey getting the lead, however, a caution came out before the lap was complete and they would have to do it all over again. Gentes went to the front at the drop of the green, but the action was tight and Carey emerged in second place. Carey was challenging Gentes when the caution came out yet again. Gentes and Carey were on the front row together with them driving into turn one dead even. Gentes took the lead in turn two after Carey slowed dramatically in the corner. Gentes was followed to the checkers by Moltz who finished second.

Mike Viens took the lead 10 laps into the Monster Mini Stock feature event, and held off a determined Chad Baxter to take down the coveted World Series victory. Chad Baxter took the lead at the drop of the green, but not without pressure from Dave Trudeau, who stayed glued to his bumper for the first three circuits of the feature. Caution slowed the pace and set the field up for a restart that saw Baxter pull away by half a straightaway over the rest of the field. Trudeau, who got bottled up on the start, brought out the caution on the backstretch when his machine came to a stop. Baxter, Viens, and Joe Baxter rounded out the top-three when racing resumed. Viens closed in to Chad Baxter’s bumper and the duo pulled away from the rest of the field. On lap nine, Viens looked low and got alongside Baxter before driving ahead by a nose at the line. Baxter remained on Viens bumper, but the No. 85 showed no signs of faltering. On lap 13, coming around turn two, Viens pulled ahead by a three-car length advantage to give himself some breathing room. Baxter challenged on the final lap, but Viens continued on to the checkers for the win.

Duane Noll took the lead on lap one and never looked back en route to the New England Truck Series victory. Noll wrapped up the 2013 New England Truck Series a few weeks ago, but celebrated his accomplishment in victory lane. Four-time champ Chris Correll led the field to green, but officials dubbed it a no-start and lined them back up again. On the restart, Noll used the outside groove to get alongside Correll and take the lead before the caution flew for a wreck in turn four. Noll held strong on the outside groove through the next two restarts despite the pressure from Correll on the bottom. Frank Dumicich, Jr. got in the mix when he followed Noll’s lead and used the outside lane to challenge Correll. After a brief side-by-side battle, Dumicich took over second and closed in on Noll by a single carlength. Correll continued to fall back through the field while Andy Lindeman moved into third. Lindeman attached himself to Dumicich’s bumper, and on lap ten dropped to the bottom groove for a challenge. Lindeman fell back into line before getting the momentum for a successful challenge at lap 13. Noll pulled away to a commanding two-second lead over Lindeman, and sailed on to the checkers unchallenged.

Dan Meservey captured one of the biggest wins in his Pro 4 Modified career by taking down the checkered flag in the Harry Kourafas Memorial 20-lap feature event. Robin Berghman’s fifth place finish secured the 2013 Pro 4 Championship.

At the start, Dan Fresh led the field into turn one, but it was Dan Meservey, Jr. in the lead at the line. Rob Richardi, Jr., Randy Cabral and Woody Pitkat all followed Meservey’s line to round out the top-four. The field strung out single file with Meservey leading the charge. Richardi trailed three car lengths behind as they maneuvered through traffic. Caution flew at lap 14 and tightened the field back up. Meservey jumped right back out front on the restart, but with strong challenges from Richardi. Richardi went to the high groove and then dropped to the bottom in his attempt to get by, but Meservey held him off until caution flew at lap 16. Richardi challenged Meservey again when the race resumed, but a car turned around on the backstretch brought the yellow out before the battle concluded. Richardi was glued to Meservey’s back bumper on the single-file restart with Cabral in third. Richardi was tapping Meservey’s bumper, but Meservey was steadfast and held on to the lead despite the pressure and drove on to the checkered flag.

George Rego used the bottom groove to take the lead and eventual win in the Outlaw Street Stock feature Saturday night. Paul Newcomb, Jr. and Bill Davis battled side-by-side into turn one for the early lead, but it was all Newcomb when they completed the first lap. Rego quickly got into the mix by using the bottom groove to get a run on Davis for second. After a brief battle on the backstretch, Rego moved into second and set his sights on Newcomb. On lap seven, Rego made a run on Newcomb and took over the lead on lap eight. Rego pulled ahead by three car lengths over Newcomb and held strong to take the checkered flag.

Mike Viens made it two-for-two when he took the checkered flag in the Outlaw Mini Stock feature race after already having won the Mini Stock race earlier in the evening. Nick Anderson took the lead at the drop of the green with Mike Viens moving within less than a carlength from his bumper. Anderson and Viens pulled ahead by half a straightaway over the rest of the field as they set an unparalleled pace. Steve Dumas moved into third and the field went single file as laps wound down. On the final circuit, Viens challenged on the bottom groove and got up alongside Anderson to take the lead and eventual win.

Wayne Coury, Jr. earned the Outlaw Sportsman win in commanding fashion after taking the lead on a lap six restart. Ryan Lineham took the early lead with Tom O’Sullivan close behind. On lap three, O’Sullivan drove by for the lead with Corey Hutchings following for second. Hutchings was anxious to get by O’Sullivan, but couldn’t find a way around him. Caution came out at lap six and tightened the field up. Coury took the lead on the restart and pulled away from O’Sullivan by five carlengths. Cory Casagrande maneuvered into the top-three by lap 11 and set his sights on O’Sullivan. The field went single file with Coury running half-a-straightaway ahead of the rest of the field. The remainder of the race went caution-free with Coury collecting the checkered flag.

VALENTI MODIFIED RACING SERIES FEATURE FINISH (Top 10): 1. Keith Rocco, Meriden, CT; 2. Rowan Pennink, Huntington Valley, PA; 3. Tommy Barrett, Jr., Millis, MA; 4. Richard Savary, Canton, MA; 4. Richard Savary, Canton, MA; 5. Ted Christopher, Plainville, CT; 6. Dave Etheridge, Portland, CT; 7. Jon McKennedy, East Chelmsford, MA; 8. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT; 9. Louie Mechalides, Tyngsboro, MA; 10. Brad VanHouten, Wading River, NY.

            NEW ENGLAND TRUCK SERIES FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Duane Noll, Monroe, CT; 2. Andy Lindeman, Poestenkill, NY; 3. Tony Lafo, Higganum, CT; 4. Tom Metcalf, N. Stonington, CT; 5. Frank Dumicich, Sr.; 6. Brad Caddick, Hope Valley, RI; 7. Glen Noll, Naugatuck, CT; 8. Daniel McGouran, Westerly, RI; 9. 10. Frank Dumicich, Jr., East Quoque, NY.

LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Rick Gentes, Burriville, RI; 2. Dillon Moltz, Waterford, CT; 3. Tom Carey, Jr., New Salem, MA; 4. Glenn Boss, Danielson, CT; 5. Damon Tinio, Mendon, MA; 6. Keith Rocco, Berlin, CT; 7. Wayne Coury, Sr., Milford, CT; 8. Gerry Degasparre, Jr., Pawtucket, RI; 9. Jeramee Lillie, Coventry, RI; 10. Art Moran, III, Preston, CT.   

LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Corey Hutchings, Salem, CT; 2. Bill McNeil, Preston, CT; 3. Ed Puleo, Branford, CT; 4. Travis Jurcik, Chaplin, CT; 5. Al Stone, III, Durham, CT; 6. Matthew Lowinski-Loh, Milford, MA; 7. Kevin Mason, West Warwick, RI; 8. Corey Fanning, Mapleville, RI; 9. Ryan Waterman, Danielson, CT; 10. Dwayne Dorr, Ledyard, CT.

LITE MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Adam Norton, Brookfield, MA; 2. John Studley, Framingham, MA; 3. Scott MacMichael, Newrory, NH; 4. Geoffrey Boisjoile, East Hampton, MA; 5. Robert Palmer, Lisbon, CT; 6. Pete Lopuch, West Redding, CT; 7. Bob Vojtila, Southington, CT; 8. Paul Tommasino, Meriden, CT; 9. Victoria Bergenty, Plainville, CT; 10. Glenn Griswold, Vernon, CT. 

MONSTER MINI STOCK FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Mike Viens, Seekonk, MA; 2. Chad Baxter, Pascoag, RI; 3. Jeff Moffat, Smithfield, RI; 4. Brian Tagg, Oxford, MA; 5. Steve Michalski, Brooklyn, CT; 6. Roger Ducharme, Foster, RI; 7. Mike-Butch Viens, Putnam, CT; 8. Nick Anderson, Oxford, MA; 9. Anthony Comforti, Douglas, MA; 10. Nick Matera, Warwick, RI.

OUTLAW STREET STOCK FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. George Rego, N. Dartmouth, MA; 2. Paul Newcomb, Jr., Plymouth, MA; 3. Bill Davis, Monson, MA; 4. Ray Negley, Coventry, RI; 5. Gerard Bertelette, N. Smithfield, RI; 6. Manny Dias, S. Attleboro, MA; 7. Corey Fanning, Mapleville, RI.

PRO FOUR MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Dan Meservey, Jr., Brewster, MA; 2. Rob Richardi, Jr., N. Easton, MA; 3. Randy Cabral, Plymouth, MA; 4. Woody Pitkat, Stafford Springs, CT; 5. Robin Berghman, E. Providence, RI; 6. Phil Lausier, Hudson, NH; 7. Derek Robbie, Bellingham, MA; 8. Mark Charette, Wolcott, CT; 9. Dan Fresh, Holliston, MA; 10. Dave Hodgkinson, Breslau, Ontario, Canada.

OUTLAW MINI STOCK FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Mike Viens, Seekonk, MA; 2. Nick Anderson, Oxford, MA; 3. Steve Dumas, Quincy, MA; 4. Pete Zaikarite, Jr., Niantic, CT; 5. Beth Adams, Swanzey, NH; 6. Chris Ivory, Oakdale, CT; 7. Douglas Curry, Groton, CT; 8. Garrett Denton, Hope Valley, RI; 9. Roger Ducharme, Foster, RI; 10. Chris McTaggart, N. Swanzey, NH.

OUTLAW SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (Top-10): 1. Wayne Coury, Jr., Shelton, CT; 2. Tom O’Sullivan, Wilbraham, MA; 3. Cory Casagrande, Stafford, CT; 4. Ran Lineham, Hope Valley, RI; 5. Paul Newcomb, Plymouth, MA; 6. Tom Carey, III, New Salem, MA; 7. Gerry Degasparre, Jr., Pawtucket, RI; 8. Dan Flannery, Ellington, CT; 9. Garrett Hall, Scarborough, ME; 10. Austin Bessette, Stafford Springs, CT.

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