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Scott Running 
August 15, 2013

(Stafford Springs, CT)---Stafford Speedway returned to NASCAR Whelen All-American Series racing action with Call Before You Dig presenting CBYD 811 Night.    Ryan Preece scored his division leading 7th win of the 2013 season in the 40-lap SK Modified® feature, Adam Gray extended his streak of consecutive podium finishes to 12 with his fifth win of the season in the Double Distance 60-lap Late Model feature, Chase Dowling took down his fifth win in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature, David Arute claimed his third win in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature, and Kyle Casagrande scored his second win of the season in the 15-lap DARE Stock feature.

In the 40-lap SK Modified® feature event, the field remained two by two for the first two laps before Tom Bolles got clear of Sean Foster at the front of the field.  Rowan Pennink slotted into third with Michael Gervais, Jr. fourth and Keith Rocco fifth.  Gervais got out of shape on the backstretch and Joey Cipriano drove up and over Gervais’ car to bring the caution out with 4 laps complete.

Back under green Bolles was the leader with Pennink in second.  Woody Pitkat was side by side with Foster for third but the caution came for Brian Sullivan and Zach Aszklar who spun in turn 1 with 6 laps compete.

Pennink took the lead on the next restart with Pitkat also getting by Bolles, who settled into third.  With 10 laps complete, Foster and Dan Avery made contact with sent Avery sideways into the car of Keith Rocco.  Rocco’s car spun into the turn 4 wall and collected the car of Doug Coby, who nearly had the wreck missed, to bring the caution out.

On the restart, Pitkat got a monster run in the outside groove to power his way past Pennink in turn 4 to take over the race lead.  Ryan Preece was now up to third behind Pitkat and Pennink with Cates in fourth and Eric Berndt in fifth.

Preece made a move by Pennink to take over second place on lap-15 and he pulled alongside Pitkat for the lead on lap-16.  Pitkat was hanging tough in the outside groove and he wasn’t about to give up the lead easily but Preece took the lead on lap-17.  Berndt was able to get around Cates and move into the fourth position before the caution came out with 19 laps complete as Tommy Membrino, Jr. spun and collected the car of Ted Christopher.

Preece took the lead on the restart with Pitkat right behind him.  Pennink and Berndt were side by side for third with Owen and Cates right behind the side-by-side duo.  Pennink cleared Berndt on lap-21 and the top-6 cars were now single file with Preece beginning to stretch out his lead over Pitkat.  Membrino and Dave Salzarulo spun in turn 4 to bring the caution out with 26 laps complete.

Pitkat hung with Preece for a lap before settling back into line behind him in second.  Berndt was third, with Pennink and Owen making up the top-5.  Right behind Owen was Cates, Cipriano, Foster, Curt Brainard, and Matt Galko.  The top-5 shuffled on lap-31 as Pennink got out of shape and fell back several spots to eighth, moving Owen into fourth and Cates into fifth as Preece, Pitkat, and Berndt continued to run in the top-3 spots.
Preece slowly pulled away from Pennink and he cruised to his seventh win of the 2013 season.  Pitkat finished second, with Berndt, Owen, and Cates rounding out the top-5.

In the 60-lap Late Model Double Distance feature event, Jim Peterson took the lead at the green and began to set the early pace.  Dennis Botticello slotted into second with Tom Fearn right behind him in third.  Andrew Durand was fourth and J.J. Hill was up to fifth place.

Fearn slowly reeled Peterson in and he was beginning to apply heavy pressure for the lead on lap-10.  Botticello continued to run third, with Hill and Durand right behind him.  Fearn took the lead from Peterson on lap-14 and the battle for third was beginning to heat up between Botticello, Hill, and Durand.  Hill made the move around Botticello on lap-20 to move into third while Botticello settled into fourth in front of Durand.  Michael Scorzelli was sixth behind Botticello and lined up single file behind Scorzelli was Jay Stuart, Adam Gray, Woody Pitkat, and Kevin Gambacorta.

At the midway point of the race, Fearn was in command of the race with Peterson, Hill, Botticello, and Scorzelli making up the top-5.  Stuart was up to sixth with Gray, Durand, Pitkat, and Art Caruso making up the top-10.  Gray’s car was beginning to come alive as he got by both Stuart and Scorzelli to move into fifth place with 20 laps to go.  As the leaders were beginning to navigate lapped traffic, the top-5 cars were all in contact with each other in a five-car train with 15 laps to go in the race.  Scorzelli spun in turn 3 to bring the caution out with 49 laps complete.

Fearn and Peterson were side by side for the lead on the restart with Hill taking a quick look at a three-wide move, but he settled back into third.  Peterson wouldn’t give up on the outside of Fearn and he was able to stay with Fearn for two laps before he slotted into second behind Fearn.  Hill was third with Gray and Pitkat right behind him.

Gray got around Hill for third on lap-52 and he went by Peterson for second on lap-54.  Gray immediately began to pressure Fearn for the lead and he took the lead from Fearn on lap-55, but just as Gray was taking the lead, Durand brought the caution and red flags out as a fireball erupted from under the hood of his #00 machine.  That put Fearn back into the lead with Gray alongside in second for the restart.

Gray quickly slotted into second behind Fearn on the restart and he made a move to the inside of Fearn to move into the lead in turns 1+2.  One lap after the restart, Peterson spun in turn 1 and collected the car of Rick Charette to bring the caution back out.

The race went back to green with Gray and Fearn side by side for the lead, but going through turn 4 Hill made a three-wide bid for the lead, but settled back into line in third.  Gray and Fearn ran side by side for two laps before Gray got clear of Fearn and Hill was able to get by Fearn to move into second.  Gambacorta and Cory Casagrande spun in turns 3+4 to bring the caution out with 58 laps complete and set up a green white checkered finish.

Gray took the lead back under green but contact between Hill and Fearn spun Hill’s car backwards into the turn 3 wall and brought the caution out.  Fearn was sent to the rear of the field for the contact with Hill.

Gray took the lead on the restart and began to pull away from the rest of the field.  Pitkat got around Stuart for second, but he couldn’t run Gray down in the final lap as Gray took home his fifth win of the 2013 season.  Stuart finished third, with Botticello and Gambacorta rounding out the top-5.

In the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature event, Rich Hammann took the early race lead ahead of Dylan Menditto, Chase Dowling, Geoff Boisjolie, and Payton Henry.  Right behind Henry Bob Charland and Jay Goff were having a great side-by-side duel for sixth with Ronnie Williams behind them.

Menditto took the lead on lap-6 and Dowling moved into second while behind them Williams got a good run in the outside groove to move by both Goff and Charland and take over the fourth position.  Wesley Prucker spun in the middle of turns 3+4 to bring the caution out with 7 laps complete.

Back under green, Menditto powered into the lead with Dowling and Williams looking to get past.  Williams charged his way past Menditto to take over the lead on lap-9 while Dowling settled into third behind Menditto.  Goff was fourth and Nick Salva was up to fifth after starting at the rear of the field.

Salva took fourth from Goff on lap-12, but the caution came back out for a spin by Prucker in turn 2.  Williams took the lead on the next restart with Dowling moving into second.  Salva got a good run to the inside of Menditto and he took over third as Menditto fell back to fourth.  Goff was fifth, just ahead of Hammann, Henry, Boisjolie and a three-wide duel between Joey Ferrigno, Charland, and Troy Talman.

With 2 laps to go, Williams, Dowling, and Salva were lined up in a 3-car train for the race lead.  On the last lap, Salva tried to make a move to the inside of Dowling for second, but he spun in turn 2 and collected the car of Ferrigno to bring out the caution.

After a restart got called back, the caution came back out for a piece of debris on the frontstretch.  The third restart saw Williams and Dowling dueling side by side for the lead and on eth last lap, Williams spun in turn 2 which allowed Dowling to drive uncontested to his fifth win of the 2013 season.  Menditto finished second, with Tony Membrino, Jr., Henry, and Charland rounding out the top-5.

In the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature event, Duane Provost took the lead at the green with Jesse Hinze, Austin Bessette, David Arute, and Andrew Hayes lined up behind him.  Josh Wood fell back several spots at the start, but he appeared to be back up to speed and he was in sixth place, right behind Hayes.

Hinze made a move to the inside of Provost on lap-8 to take over the race lead.  Provost was stuck in the outside groove with Hinze’s move and he slipped back to seventh in line as the new order behind Hinze was Bessette, Josh Wood, Hayes, Albert Saunders, Arute, and Provost.

Arute was applying heavy pressure to the bumper of Saunders for several laps and he was finally able to make a pass on lap-15 to move up to fifth place behind Hinze, Bessette, Josh Wood, and Hayes.  Justin Bren spun to bring the caution out with 16 laps complete.

Hinze got a good restart to maintain the lead while Josh Wood was able to move into second.  Arute took third and Hayes moved up to fourth as Bessette was falling back in the outside groove.  Josh Wood move to the lead in lap-18 but he got a tap from Arute in turns 3+4 and Arute came to the line with two laps to go as the new race leader.  Hayes was also able to get around Josh Wood for second.  On the final lap, Jesse Hinze and Albert Saunders spun and hit the wall in turn 3 and D.J. Burnham came to a stop in the middle of turns 3+4 against the wall.

Arute led the field back to the checkered flag for his third win of the 2013 season.  Hayes finished second, with Josh Wood, Bessette, and Brian Clement rounding out the top-5. 

In the 15-lap DARE Stock feature event, Alexandra Fearn took the lead at the drop of the green and set the early pace ahead of Kelsey Rottino.  Johnny Walker went three-wide to move into third behind Rottino while Dave Secore followed behind Walker to move into fourth.  Kris Fluckiger was holding down the fifth position but right behind Fluckiger was Brandon Michael and Kyle Casagrande, who were both on a charge after starting deep in the field.  Jeremy Catania spun in turn 2 to bring the caution out with 8 laps complete.

On the restart Fearn powered back into the lead with Walker moving into second.  Fluckiger pulled alongside Rottino for third with Casagrande right behind them.  Casagrande went three-wide one lap after the restart to move into third, but Fluckiger spun into the turn 3 wall to bring the caution out with 9 laps complete.

Walker took the lead from Fearn on the restart with Casagrande also getting by Fearn to move into second.  Fearn settled into line in third with Rottino and Secore making up the top-5.  Michael was still sixth wit Frank L’Etoile, Jr. right behind him in seventh place.

Casagrande made a strong run to the outside of Walker on lap-12 to move into the lead.  Rottino spun in turn 4 on lap-13, but he was able to get his car moving again and the race stayed under green flag conditions. 

Casagrande led Walker back to the checkered flag for his second win of the season.  Fearn finished third, with Michael holding off L’Etoile at the checkered flag for fourth place.

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