Celebrating 25 years, 1995 - 2020

Rick Gentes Takes 3rd Straight LM Win at Thompson Speedway

Larry Barnett & Scott Sundeen Finish 1 and 2 in Limited Sportsmans

Rocco And Malone Pick Up Sunoco Modified Wins

McDermott Sweeps Lite Modified Double Features

            Thompson, Conn: Double features highlighted NASCAR Whelen All American Series action in the Sunoco Modified and Lite Modified divisions Thursday night at Thompson Speedway. Keith Rocco of Meriden, Conn. and Kerry Malone of Needham, Mass. each garnered a win in the Sunoco Modified division while Cam McDermott of Scituate, RI swept the Lite Modified portion of Thursday Night Thunder at Thompson (TNTT).

            Other winners included Rick Gentes of Burriville, RI in the Late Models, Larry Barnett of Moosup, Conn. in the Limited Sportsman division, Scott Michalski of So. Killingly, Conn. in the Monster Mini Stocks, and Ben Lavangie in the Vintage Modified feature.

            Keith Rocco used a late race restart to take the lead and eventual checkers in the first of two 25-lap Sunoco Modified feature events. It was Rocco’s third win of the season.

Kerry Malone took the early lead with Rocco riding his rear bumper in second. Todd Ceravolo had the third spot coming off of turn four of lap two when caution came out for Dennis Perry, who got sideways and spun into the infield grass. Malone wasted no time getting back to the front on the restart, but it was called a no-start and the field was tightened back up again. Malone went to the front yet again with Rocco and Ceravolo battling it out for the second spot right behind him. Ceravolo had the advantage as the top four – Malone, Ceravolo, Rocco, and Matt Gallo – fought nose-to-tail. On lap five, Rocco dropped to the bottom and drove around Ceravolo for second before caution slowed the pace.

Malone continued his domination on the restart with Ceravolo and Rocco door-to-door for the second spot. Ceravolo pulled ahead of Rocco coming off of turn two on lap six and everyone settled in for the next couple of laps. On lap nine, Ceravolo challenged for the lead, but instead it allowed Rocco to get underneath and take over the second position. Rocco attached himself to Malone’s bumper with Ceravolo and Woody Pitkat rounding out the top four. On lap 15, Pitkat made his move and took over the third spot before caution would slow the pace at lap 17.

Malone and Rocco were dead even heading into the first turn on the restart, but Malone had a small advantage coming out of turn two. Pitkat took the low line to try and make it a three-wide battle for the lead, but Malone came down to protect his line and keep the top spot. Rocco wasn’t about to let up and took the lead away in turn two of lap 19 with a bottom shot, but caution came out before he completed the lap so Malone took his position back out front for the restart.

Rocco used the outside lane to drive out to the lead as Pitkat dropped to the bottom and drove by Malone in turn two for second. Rocco pulled ahead to a comfortable ten-car length advantage and drove to the victory unchallenged.

            Kerry Malone earned his first victory of the season in the second of two Sunoco Modified features. Malone inherited the lead after track officials black-flagged Woody Pitkat after his involvement in an accident with Ryan Preece. Malone held off a late race challenge by Matt Gallo for the win.

Dennis Perry took the early lead, but a tangle between Keith Rocco and Jay Sundeen brought out the caution before the first lap was completed. On the restart, Tom Abele, Jr. led the field into turn one. Perry went high in turn three, but saved the car from hitting the wall before settling back into line halfway through the field. Preece, Pitkat, and Todd Ceravolo rounded out the top-four. Preece charged to the front of the field on lap five before caution came out and tightened the field back up.

            Preece went to the front heading into turn one with Pitkat attempting to get by using the bottom groove. Preece held him off and settled in as the leader ahead of Pitkat and Ceravolo. On lap seven, Pitkat got a run on Preece from the bottom groove, but got loose heading into turn four and had to back out of his challenge to collect his machine. Preece, Ceravolo and Pitkat ran nose-to-tail a full second ahead of the rest of the field.

            Ceravolo made his move on lap 13 when he drove underneath Preece in a side-by-side challenge in which Ceravolo held a slight advantage at the line on lap 14. Preece reclaimed the lead on the backstretch, but a caution flew for a spun car in turn four putting Ceravolo back out front.

            On the restart, Preece emerged from turn two as the leader with Ceravolo attached to his rear bumper. On lap 16, Pitkat dropped to the bottom to challenge for second heading into turn one. Ceravolo went high in turn two and dropped back to the fifth spot as Pitkat set his sights on Preece up front.

            Pitkat made his move on lap 19 and was side-by-side with Preece, who continued to lead by a slight advantage. On lap 20, Pitkat and Preece made contact with Preece hitting the outside retaining wall. Officials waved the black flag for Pitkat handing the lead over to Kerry Malone for the restart.

Malone drove to the front at the drop of the green with Matt Gallo, Paul Newcomb, and Ceravolo rounding out the top-four. Gallo attached himself to Malone’s bumper as the leader took the white flag. Contact was made in turn two that took Gallo out of contention while Malone drove to the checkered flag.

            Cam McDermott led every lap en route to his victory in the first Lite Modified feature event. Joseph Boivin took the early lead, but McDermott was the man out front at the completion of the first circuit. Boivin ended up in the outside retaining wall in turn one after the first lap to bring out the first caution. On the restart, McDermott drove into turn one out front and held off Glenn Griswold coming out of turn two before pulling out to a five car advantage. On lap three, John Studley took the bottom line to make a run on Griswold for the second spot. The duo went door-to-door for several laps before Studley took over the spot. McDermott, however, had pulled away by nearly two seconds in the lead. McDermott was unstoppable and took the checker ahead of Studley and Adam Norton, who took over the third spot from Griswold at lap 18.

            In the second Lite Modified 20-lap feature, McDermott took the lead on a restart after early-race leader John Studley was sent to the rear for jumping the start. Once out front, McDermott was unstoppable and he soared to the checkered flag for his second win of the night.

Robert Palmer had the lead heading into turn one, but Griswold and Studley each took a lane around him to go three-wide for the lead. Griswold emerged the victor of the battle, but was quickly challenged by Studley, who took over the lead in turn two of lap two. Studley continued to build on his lead as the field went single file in a torrid pace around the 5/8th’s mile oval. On lap nine, Cam McDermott made his move and used the bottom groove to make a challenge on Griswold for the second spot, but caution flew for debris and halted his momentum.

            Studley led the charge into turn one but was called back for jumping the start. On the second attempt, Studley went to the front again, but officials sent him to the rear for jumping the start once again. Griswold inherited the lead for the restart, but it was all McDermott out front heading into turn one. Meanwhile, Studley was on a tear from the rear of the field and was in the top-five by lap 11 when the pace was slowed for a car in turn two.

            Griswold went to the front on the restart heading into turn one, but McDermott came on strong out of turn two to reclaim the lead. Adam Norton moved into second with Griswold relegated to third. Studley broke into the top-three at lap 15, but could not catch McDermott, who went on to capture his second victory of the evening.

            Rick Gentes earned his third win of the young season Thursday night when he got by rookie contender John Lowinski-Loh, Jr. for the lead and eventual win in the 25-lap Late Model feature. Damon Tinio took the lead at the drop of the green with John Falconi and Lowinski-Loh rounding out the top-three at the completion of the first lap. On lap three, Lowinski-Loh dropped to the inside groove and got underneath Falconi to challenge for second. Lowinski-Loh had a slight advantage, but Falconi wasn’t about to let up and the duo continued to go door-to-door for the next several laps. Tinio continued to dominate out front while Rick Gentes took over third from Falconi.

Caution slowed the pace at lap nine with Tinio and Lowinski-Loh making up the front row for the restart. Tinio went to the front when green came out, but it was Lowinski-Loh who would emerge the leader by lap 10. Gentes followed Lowinski-Loh’s line for second and closed up his advantage quickly, but yellow came out before he could make a move for the lead.

            On the restart, Lowinski-Loh led the field followed by Gentes and Falconi, but caution slowed the pace once again at lap 15. Gentes was able to get by Lowinski-Loh on lap 16 and pull out to a commanding lead. Falconi moved in on Lowinski-Loh by lap 20 and began to pressure for the second position. Meanwhile, Tinio kept the pressure on Falconi. Up front, Gentes was untouchable and soared to the checkered flag.

Larry Barnett used the outside groove on a green-white-checkered finish to hold off Scott Sundeen for the victory in the Limited Sportsman feature. Lloyd Anderson, Jr. drove out front at the start of the race, but caution tightened the field to start it all over again. On a second attempt on the restart, Anderson drove back out front with Mike Palin in tow. Todd Dean and Kevin Mason rounded out the top-four as the cars behind them were three-wide fighting for a place in the top-five. Steve Kenneway was the victor of that battle and quickly took over fourth from Mason. By the completion of the fifth lap, Kenneway had moved his machine into third and was still on the move. Anderson continued to lead out front with five car lengths over Dean. On lap eight, Kenneway took the bottom groove to go by Dean for second when Dean spun in the middle of turn two. Caution was thrown for Dean, who was stopped in the infield grass, while Kenneway was sent to the rear for rough riding.

Barnett inherited the second position for the restart. Anderson chose the outside lane, which allowed Barnett to drive to the lead on the bottom groove. An accident in turn three brought the caution out yet again at lap nine, and Barnett, this time using the outside groove on the restart, drove right back out front. Anderson and Bill McNeil rounded out the top-three with a fast approaching Scott Sundeen in fourth. Sundeen was on the move and took over third on lap 12 while Barnett continued to stretch out to a commanding lead. Sundeen moved into second on lap 17 and began to chip away at Barnett’s lead, but a two-car accident on the front stretch brought out the caution flag on the white flag lap.

Race officials called for a green-white-checkered finish with Barnett and Sundeen vying for the win on the front row. Barnett had the advantage coming out of turn two with Sundeen not letting up. As the duo crossed the line, Sundeen settled in behind Barnett, who drove to the checkers with less than a car length over Sundeen.

            Scott Michalski used a restart to take the lead in the 15 lap Monster Mini Stock feature event and held off Dave Trudeau for the win. Steve Michalski led the charge at the drop of the green, but a car stopped in turns one and two brought out the caution before the first lap was complete. Michalski drove to the front once again, but Trudeau got the momentum to drive by for the lead coming out of turn two. Leo DeFevers and Shane Michalski took over second and third respectively as Trudeau pulled ahead to a ten car length advantage. Joe Baxter was the man on the move, however, and by lap five, had moved into third. Baxter set his sights on DeFevers for second, and coming off of turn two, got underneath DeFevers for the position. Scott Michalski followed Baxter’s line for third. On lap 11, Scott Michalski challenged Baxter for second and got the momentum to get by for the position before caution came out at lap 12. Scott Michalski outraced Trudeau for the lead on the restart and pulled ahead to a three-car length advantage before taking the checkered flag.

Ben Lavangie checkered the Vintage Modified feature event after taking the lead just three laps before the conclusion. Ken Bamford jumped to the early lead in the Antique Modified feature event with John Phillps in second and Lavangie in third. Lavangie began his procession to the front by lap six when he got by Phillps for the second spot. Phillps luck continued to worsen at lap six when he spun and hit the outside retaining wall. After a brief caution, Bamford jumped back out front with Lavangie close behind. Darryl Dutch, looking to repeat his win from a few weeks ago, moved into third and set his sights on Lavangie. On lap eight, Dutch dropped to the bottom groove and got door-to-door with Lavangie, who was able to inch ahead in turns three and four. On lap 10, Lavangie took the high line to challenge Bamford for the lead. The duo were side-by-side momentarily before Bamford pulled ahead. Lavangie challenged again on lap 12, but this time was successful in his efforts and took over the lead. On the final lap, a trio of cars tangled in turn two and ended the event with Lavangie in victory lane.

SUNOCO MODIFIED 1ST FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Keith Rocco, Meriden, CT; 2. Woody Pitkat, Stafford Springs, CT; 3. Kerry Malone, Needham, MA; 4. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT; 5. Todd Ceravolo, Gales Ferry, CT; 6. Matt Gallo, Berlin, CT; 7. Dennis Perry, Pawcatuck, CT; 8. Tom Abele, Jr., Norwich, CT; 9. Jay Sundeen, Douglas, MA; 10. John Catania, Ludlow, MA.

SUNOCO MODIFIED FEATURE #2 FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Kerry Malone, Needham, MA; 2. Dennis Perry, Pawcatuck, CT; 3. Todd Ceravolo, Gales Ferry, CT; 4.Tom Abele, Jr., Norwich, CT; 5. Joey Parker, Weymouth, MA; 6. Matt Gallo, Berlin, CT; 7. John Catania, Ludlow, MA; 8. Stan Mertz,Whitinsville, MA; 9. Paul Newcomb, Plymouth, MA; 10. Jay Sundeen, Douglas, MA.

            LITE MODIFIED FEATURE #1 FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Cam McDermott, Scituate,RI; 2. John Studley, Framingham, MA; 3. Adam Norton, Brookfield, MA; 4. Glenn Griswold, Vernon, CT; 5. Dylan Menditto, Brooklyn, CT; 6. Robert Palmer, Lisbon, CT; 7. Danny Gamache, Jr., Woonsocket, RI; 8. Nikki Ouellette, East Granby, CT; 9. Bob Vojtila, Southington, CT; 10. Joseph Boivin, Belchertown, MA.

            LITE MODIFIED FEATURE #2 FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Cam McDermott, Scituate, RI; 2. Adam Norton, Brookfield, MA; 3. John Studley, Framingham, MA; 4. Glenn Griswold, Vernon, CT; 5. Dylan Menditto, Brooklyn, CT; 6. Danny Gamache, Jr., Woonsocket, RI; 7. Robert Palmer, Lisbon, CT; 8. Nikki Ouellette, East Granby, CT; 9. Bob Vojtila, Southington, CT; 10. Joseph Boivin, Belchertown, MA (DNS).

            LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Rick Gentes, Burriville, RI; 2. John Lowinski-Loh, Jr., Milford, MA; 3. John Falconi, Oakham, MA; 4. Damon Tinio, Mendon, MA; 5. Glenn Boss, Danielson, CT; 6. Jared Materas, Palmer, MA; 7. Chad LaBastie, Uxbridge, MA; 8. Randy Tucker, Millis, MA; 9. Derryck Anderson, Jr., Coventry, RI; 10. Bob O’Connell, Jr., Wrentham, MA.

            LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Larry Barnett, Moosup, CT; 2. Scott Sundeen, Douglas, MA; 3. Kevin Mason, West Warwick, RI; 4. Lloyd Anderson, Jr., Wauregan, CT; 5. Bill McNeil, Preston, CT; 6. Jason Chicolas, Sutton, MA; 7. Steve Kenneway, Lowell, MA; 8. Travis Jurcik, Chaplin, CT; 9. Matthew Lowinski-Loh, Milford, MA; 10. Scott Fanning, Mapleville, RI.

            VINTAGE MODIFIEDS FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Ben Lavangie, No. Easton, MA; 2. Darryl Dutch, Greenville, RI; 3. Mark Alden, Westboro, MA; 4. Art Chartier, Douglas, MA; 5. Tom Cerroni, Smithfield, RI; 6. John Phillps, Burrillville, RI; 7. Charlie Wilcox, Dayville, CT; 8. Ken Bamford, Coventry, RI; 9. Bill Cummins, Clinton, MA; 10. Scott Quinn, Slatersville, RI.

MONSTER MINI STOCK FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Scott Michalski, S. Killingly, CT; 2. Dave Trudeau, Mansfield, CT; 3. Eric Bourgeois, East Haddam, CT; 4. Joe Baxter, Pascoag, RI; 5. Nathan Taylor, Wauregan, CT; 6. Leo DeFevers, Moosup, CT; 7. Mike Viens, Seekonk, MA; 8. Shane Michalski, Woodstock, CT; 9. Nick Anderson, Oxford, MA; 10. Louie Bellisle, Lisbon, CT.

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